• Who we are

    FASB Linea 2 is a metalworking company that specialises in the machining of metal pipes. Founded in 1981 as a small workshop located in the garage of the enterprising Owner and Founder

  • Machining

    One supplier for all machining phases: the entire manufacturing process is carried out internally by FASB, from cutting of the metal pipes all the way to the painted and assembled product

  • Experience

    Thirty years experience at the service of customers. FASB Linea 2 collaborates fully with the customer, providing an all-round service that allows optimisation of both the quality and economics of products supplied.

  • Departments

    Here at FASB Linea 2 the entire metal pipe machining cycle can be carried out, starting from machining of the pipe from bars all the way to the finished product, providing customers with a complete service.


Cremella plant

The Company’s historic headquarters, this plant has a surface area of 10,000 square meters, of which over 5,000 are under cover.


Barzano' plant

This is the separate plant housing FASB Linea 2, which came into operation in 2011. It covers an area of 12000 square metres, on two floors.


Company News