Laser cutting

Processing on pipes from ø14 to ø250 mm

The crown jewel.
A technologically advanced department that works pipes with diameters from ø14 to ø250 mm with the best machineries of the sector by ADIGE and TRUMPF.

Almost always, a laser-cutting operation is the first step of the entire process of the manufacturing of pipe, though our two state of the art laser-cutting machineries by ADIGE and TRUMPF, two of the most important companies, leaders in the sector.

Thanks to these machineries, that have customized software protocols following to the type of finish, several operations are performed on metal pipes in a single process cycle. This innovative way to work metal pipes helps to improve the quality of the production and operations like deburring, punching or removal processes, as well as tools such as punches, clamps, masks and molds, are eliminated and replaced with integrated and automatic sequences.

The process of laser cutting is essential to optimize the production costs, the development of products free from constructional restrictions, the increase of promptness of standard productions and the chance to produce small lots.

Top-of-the-line machinaries by ADIGE and TRUMPF