From the pipe to the finished and assembled product


Among the activities related to product and its production, Fasb offers also the opportunity to design the finished product and to study the production process according to the customer needs.

Our R&D Dept. is an important key- factor that allows to Fasb to best understand and support our customers in order to define the best solutions as regards quality, technology and production cost aspects by getting the desired product.

Thanks to constant updates, for example the 3-D techniques and CAD / CAM systems, the engineering process of Fasb is becoming increasingly competitive.

3-D techniques and CAD/CAM systems

Quality Control

In Fasb Linea 2, the control of the quality of the product and the related production costs represent continuous and constant obsessions.

A dedicated staff for quality control takes part regularly to the key -phases of the production- cycle, by monitoring and applying the right corrective measures to guarantee minimum tolerances of errors and by allowing the customer to obtain a highly performing and long-lasting product.

Our Quality control department is located in the central point of the entire industrial process and it is supported by advanced and constantly updated control tools.

Continuous and constant control

Assembly and packaging

The last part of the production cycle ends in the branch of Barzanò. Here there is the final step of the production cycle, but not the one less important, or rather a crucial phase that must be scrupulous and meticulously executed, as all the pieces are mounted and tested, by assembling the product commissioned by the customer. Jointly there is the packaging phase, where the most fitting packaging materials are used to protect the article, following the customer requests and needs.

Labeling and packaging